We are so fortunate to have this world reknowned institution that brings amazing theatre to us, literally less than 20 miles away from Medford.  Since taking our son to his first Oregon Shakespeare Festival play in 2015 he has become an addict.  Every year he anticipates the line-up announcement to see which ones he will be able to attend.  What is even more awesome is that they provide Family Days with special pricing making it more accessible for us locals, so that we can be a part of our flourishing arts culture here in Southern Oregon.  The plays they choose for Family Days are geared towards families so that children can come to appreciate a love of the arts at a young age.

For the 2016 season we bought tickets for Twelfth Night; a fun musical with lots of silliness and hijinx, and a little romance.  The three of us loved the 1930s Hollywood setting and the grand finale was simply spectacular making you feel like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers  were going to come out on stage and dance.


A bonus that they offer on Family Days is the added benefit of the free prologue.  It helps prepare you for what you will see on stage.  I highly suggest attending, it was informative and interactive.  The speaker spoke about the era and showed us slides of the costumes, and gave us an inside view of the personalities that we would be meeting.  Ilias really enjoys these previews because he gets to see a little behind the scenes and it definitely makes it more accessable when we are watching a play spoken in the traditional Shakespearean English.

Family days have become an annual event for us and we have already bought our tickets for The Odyssey, since Ilias is such a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology.  Since I told him of it coming to OSF he has not stop asking me when we will be going to see it.   

If you want to go to the 2017 Family Days, tickets are only $30 per person and dates have already been announced. There are tickets available for Julius Caesar, Henry the IV, Part One, Shakespeare in Love, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and The Odyssey.  Go here for dates and times, and to buy your tickets.  

If you can't make it to any of the family days Oregon Shakespeare Festival offers a variety of ways to save including: A Flex Pass which is $175 for 5 tickets to specially selected shows, Web Specials, Special $25 tickets for young adults ages 19-35 and Rush Tickets.  And don't forget to sign-up for their email list, they announce web specials, rush tickets and other information.  Sigh-up here.  We have never been disappointed by a play we have seen; from the acting to the amazingly, beautiful sets we are completely engaged the whole time.  No matter how or when you decide to go see a show, we guarantee this will be an experience you and your child will never forget.   Maybe we will see you there!

For a full listing of theatres in Southern Oregon visit our Theatre Page here.