Spring break is coming and whether you are sticking close to home or taking a mini-adventure there are so many options  for you to choose from I guarantee you won't be  bored.   Here is a fun list of things to do while you staycation here in beautiful southern Oregon.

Coyote Trails Nature Center

Coyote Trails Nature Center


Coyote Trails Nature Center in Medford

They are open M-F 11am-4pm or during their weekend classes which varies.  Outside they also have a pollinator pavilion and there are lots of little trails around it to explore; some that go right to Bear Creek.

Briscoe School in Ashland

This innovative park is a free-to-the-public outdoor educational facility that illustrates the long and varied history of planet Earth and Ashland geology's place in that history.  Plus, they have a playground to visit

North Mountain Park in Ashland

It encompasses a Nature Center, demonstration gardens, playing fields and several acres of wildlife-friendly open space and trails.

2.  PLAY at the PARK

We have such fun parks in southern Oregon!  They are constantly coming up with new and exciting things to do including the new slackline going into Fichtner Mainwaring Park.  

Some of our favorites in southern Oregon:

BEAR CREEK PARK - What to do in Southern Oregon for Spring Break - Things to do - Events - Parks - Medford

Bear Creek Park in Medford

It has a humongous wooden play structure that the kids love to play hide and seek in; they can play for hours.  Plus, there are a lot of shade trees for us parents to sit under when we get tired of running around with the kids.  There is also a great pathway winding through the whole park for biking and skateboarding, a little creek that our littlest loves to throw rocks in, tennis courts and a skate park.  You really can spend the whole day there if you bring along a little picnic.  MAP

FICHTNER MAINWARING PARK - What to do in Southern Oregon for

Fichtner Mainwaring Park in Medford

Not only is there a play structure, there is also a spray park, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball and a three quarter mile path to walk around.  Lots of trees for shade too!  MAP

RUHL PARK - What to do for Spring Break in Southern Oregon - Things to do in Medford - Events - Parks

Ruhl Park in Medford

I love this park because it is normally not crowded and somewhat small, so it is easy to keep an eye on the kids.  It has a really cool forest themed play structure and a basketball hoop to shoot around.  Be forewarned there is only a port-a-potti for the toilet.  MAP

LITHIA PARK - What to do for Spring Break in Southern Oregon- Things to do in Ashland - Places - Events

Lithia Park in Ashland

Well known around here.  It has a play area for the kids, a nice rock wall, lots of great trails for walking with the kids, grassy areas for recreational play and of course on hot summer days you will see the kids playing in the creek.  MAP

Don Jones Memorial Park in Central Point

Don Jones Park is best known for its awesome splash pad, but it also has an awesome play area, basketball courts and tennis courts.  There is also a lot of green grass to play on and a walking path.  MAP

VISIONS OF WONDERLAND CAMP - What to do for Spring Break in Southern Oregon- Things to do - Places to go - Events


If you want the kids to get away from the house a little bit without you having to be there, there are a variety of art, theater, Lego, and sport camps going on during spring break.

The Bubble-ology Room at ScienceWorks

The Bubble-ology Room at ScienceWorks


Douglas County Museum is full of artifacts about the Umpqua Valley  and always free for kids 0-4 and only $2, for kids 5-17 and $8 for adults. 

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum is a fun interactive museum in Ashland that keeps us all engaged for hours.

Forest Park in Jacksonville

Forest Park in Jacksonville


Always a go to for us, we tackle at least a couple of hikes on spring break.  We have 13 of our tried and true trails that we have taken the kids on in our blogs.  

8 Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Rogue Valley

5 More Great Southern Oregon Hikes for Kids

Hiking Roxy Ann - Our Love Affair with Medford

National Creek Falls

National Creek Falls


Who doesn’t like checking out the beauty of waterfalls and we have a list of them both near the Rogue Valley and some that are a little farther.  We have also created a google map for the Umpqua River Falls to make it a little easier to venture out!  We have a list of waterfalls that we have visited and it continue to grows.  

BLOG Posts about Waterfalls:  

Four Waterfalls, One  Day - Hiking Adventures with Kids

Umpqua Hot Springs, Toketee Falls, Watson Falls & Fall Creek Falls - Our Roseburg Hiking Adventure

ROCK CLIMBING at ROGUE ROCK GYM - What to do ofr Spring Break - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events


I’m sure you aren’t surprised to see this on our list but this is one of our favorite go to places for just about everything!  Birthdays, Spring Break, Summer Break, just good ol’ fashioned Family Time.  We really enjoy going here to burn off some steam and get those wiggly bugs out for the kiddos!  BLOG


Wildlife Safari is one of our favorite spots to visit as a family, it is so awesome to see all of the animals in their “natural-ish” habitats.  Often you can get deals on Groupon making it a really budget-friendly activity.

Face Rock Beach, Bandon, Oregon

Face Rock Beach, Bandon, Oregon


Rarely is it 80 degree weather in southern Oregon during spring break but that doesn’t keep us from heading to the beautiful beaches we have here in southern Oregon.  Our blog 11 Kid-Friendly Things to While Visintg Brookings gives you ideas from Crescent City, California up to Port Orford.  7 Things to Do + 5 Beaches to Visit in Bandon = Our Little Slice of Heaven gives you ideas from Port Orford up to Charleston.

OCEAN WORLD - What to do for Spring Break in Southern Oregon - What to do in southern Oregon - Things to do in Brookings


The only aquarium we have in southern Oregon (though it is technically in Crescent City, California).  They have touch and feel pools, an aquarium and a seal show.  You can read more about it in our Brookings blog.


One of those southern Oregon touristy things to do.  The Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill is really fun for the kids because of the cool phenomenon that occers there...brooms standing up by themselves, etc.  We highly suggest it, especially if you have never been!


The Oregon Caves actually open up for spring break every (as long as the weather isn't too snowy)  They offer tours Thursday-Monday 10am-4pm and last about 90 minutes.  The take you through amazing underground caves and corriders while you are told about the caves natural and cultural history.  Little ones under 42" are not allowed.  Call 541-592-2100 or go to reservations.gov to make reservations.


If you are feeling adventurous, then you should head to the Lava Beds.  Ilias' 4th grade class went for a field trip last year and it was magnificent.  There are hiking trails that take you through Native American rock art sites and historic battlefields where the Modoc Indians lived.  Then we were taken to beautiful underground caves. They were pitch black inside so we brought our spellunking lights and helmets for safety (not a necessity but a suggestion)


If you decide to go to Crater Lake, if you want to venture much beyond the restaurant and shop you might be snowshoeing!  The snowpack is pretty good so there are paths to follow that you can walk with your street shoes but I highly suggest going to snowshoe; it is such a fun experience.  You can rent snowshoes up there or there are a few places in town that you can.  Check out our blog Snowshoeing at Crater Lake - Free, Ranger-Guided, Family Friendly.  Note:  The free ranger-guided walks are only on Saturdays and Sundays and kids have to be under the age of eight.  If you have smaller ones you will need to rent your snowshoes and go on your own family adventure!


Olivia coloring with the Medford Rogues at the Medford Library


There is never a lack of fun things going on at our local libraries.  Arts & Crafts, Movies, Live Music and even Exercise sometimes!

Jackson County Library Services

Josephine County Libraries

Curry Public Libraries

Douglas County Libraries

When I started out making this list, I already had a few things in mind, but as I sat here, the list kept growing.  We really live in such a cool part of the country with such an awesome outdoor life.  Unless it is pouring down rain we don't let the weather stop us from getting out to enjoy what we have here in southern Oregon, we just change our coat!  Have a great spring break all!

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