ART 4 JOY - Girls Night Out, Family Time, Kid Time, FUN TIME!!!

I had been thinking about tackling one of those sip n'paint classes that keep popping up on Facebook, forever.  I would go to register for a class then I would doubt my abilities and think, there is no way I could do it.  Well, after some cajoling from my friends I decided to jump in and registered for a class at Art 4 Joy.  I've got to tell you I am now addicted!  

When we got there we were  greeted by Kim, the teacher and owner of Art 4 Joy, and were told to choose where we wanted to sit, anywhere in the room.  My three girlfriends and I found our spot and then we go to the important stuff; we got in line for our beverages.  We each got two tickets to get a glass of beer, wine, or non-alcohol beverage.  After a little conversation and we got settled in, our lesson started.  Kim uses an overhead projector so that all 40+ of us can follow along as she instructs.

My girlfriends and I had a blast.  We drank wine, painted, and laughed…A LOT.  You don't even have to have any experience to participate.  As long as you follow along with Kim's directions you will leave Art 4 Joy with an amazing work of art (at least in my mind :) ).  The beauty of it is that you can either follow her exact instruction or you can use your own interpretation.  If she says paint the sky blue, you can paint it purple or pink, or both.  It is YOUR masterpiece so you can make it whatever YOU want.  At the end, I've got to say we all were pretty happy with the outcome.

Since then, I attended a class with my mom and sister at Art 4 Joy.  That class was a little different because the basic pattern was drawn on our canvas and we filled in the image.  It was such a fun way to bond with them, and another evening full of laughs and memories made.  In fact our whole table of ladies ended up chatting.  We had fun cheering each other on in our artistic endeavors.

These classes aren't just for grown-ups.  The very next day I attended a paint and popcorn with my son and some of his school chums.  We painted a fall scene that could be simple or as elaborate as we wanted.  My son and his friends had a great time.  They all put their own spin on their creations and it they all turned out beautifully.  Fall sunset with bare trees and falling leaves.  He can't wait to attend his next class!

If you want to go they are located at: 312 Oak St. Suite 204, Central Point  MAP   She keeps her events updated on Facebook weekly!  If you want to register for any classes register here.

Not only do they offer paint classes at Art 4 Joy, but you can book for private events, and they even have pottery and special classes offered during school breaks!  You will really enjoy her fun classes.  We can't wait to add to our at home art gallery!

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