Fall is awesome in Southern Oregon!   Perfect weather, lots of food, beer and wine festivals, pumpkin patches, and family fun.  We usually have to plan every weekend out, so that we can make the most of it.  We wanted to help you out, so we've created a bucket list, so that you don’t miss a thing!  We have also included a printable so that you can take it along with you.


Take a Fall Foliage Drive or Walk

Fall in Southern Oregon is fabulous and our area’s landscape is so diverse that you can get a good three weeks of color changing. 

Some of our favorite spots: 

Jacksonville – Take a walk through town or take any of the many hikes in the area and you will be overwhelmed with the beauty surrounding you.  You can also drive out to the Applegate and be overcome with awe because of all of the magnificent color.  MAP

Wagner Creek Rd in Talent – A beautiful drive up to the hiking trail, you don’t even have to get out of the car to experience the wonder.  You are surrounded by amazing fall color the whole way up.  If you are feeling adventurous there is a nine mile hike you can take to top of Wagner Butte, which I have heard is well worth the view (we plan on making it up there soon, stay tuned).  MAP

LITHIA PARK - Ashland - Fall - What to do in Soutehrn Oregon

Lithia Park in Ashland – Somehow Lithia Park always makes it to the top of our list when it comes to the best of Southern Oregon walks and hikes.  If you just walk through the park the trees are changing with gold and red, and when you head up past the dam you will be overcome with its fantastic fall colors!  MAP

Checkout our blog featuring some of our favorit Fall Foliage Hikes.

What are some of your favorite spots to enjoy the fall colors?

Talent Harvest Festival - Fall - What to do in Southern Oregon

Visit a Fall Festival

We love kicking of fall by visiting the Southern Oregon Harvest Festival in Central Point.  It has so many fun fall traditions wrapped up in one place.  Food tasting, beer tasting, and lots of fun for the family!  Another festival that was an immediate hit with us is the Talent Harvest Festival.  It is a true community gathering of local vendors, live music, farmers, and it has an amazing kids area!  For a complete list of Fall Festivals in Southern Oregon go HERE.

Seven Oaks Farm - Central Point - Fall - Pumpkin Patch - What to do in Southern Oregon

Go to a Pumpkin Patch

There is no lack of pumpkin patches in southern Oregon and we usually visit two or three; or at least that is our goal. Whites Country Farm is one of our favorites because of it's quaintness and smalltown appeal.  Though, each one has their own character with a long list of things to do.  For a complete list of pumpkin patches in southern Oregon go HERE.

Pheasant Fields Farm - Medford - Phoenix - Fall - Corn Maze - What to do in Southern Oregon

Get lost in a Corn Maze

What’s funny is that unless I am with Gary, I would get lost.  I have such a horrible sense of direction in corn mazes.  Ilias is our 12 year old expert on corn mazes and his favorite ones are at Pheasant Fields Farm in Medford and Fort Vannoy Farm in Grants Pass! Our pumpkin patch spotlight page has all the details on which ones have corn mazes.

Go on a Hayride

There is something about going on a hayride that is so much fun, that brings up childhood nostalgia for me.  One of my favorite fall memories was when I was a preteen.   We went camping in southern California and we went on a hayride.  My mom and my best friends’ parents were walking down the road singing follow the yellow brick road with their arms around each other.  I can smell the crisp fall air as we speak.  Our favorite place to take a hayride is at Hanley Farm in Central Point.  The volunteers are always sweet and hilarious, and you learn a lot about the history of the farm.

Randall Theatre - Haunted House - Fall - What to do in Southern Oregon

Go to a Haunted House

Southern Oregon seems to have a healthy interest in all that is scary.  We have a lot of haunted houses throughout southern Oregon.   Since I am a big scaredy cat I will only attend one a year and speaking from experience, Randall Theatre's haunted house is absolutley terrifying every year.  

For a list of Haunted House’s in Southern Oregon go HERE.

Apple Picking - Leonard Orchard - Medford - Fall - What to do in Southern Oregon

Go Apple Picking!

Another favorite childhood memory of mine, is apple-picking with my best friend’s family in the fall.  We have carried on that tradition with our children, getting out to pick whatever seasonal fruit may be coming on.  Where should you go apple picking?  Some of our favorite spots are Valley View Orchards in Ashland and Leonard’s Apples in Medford.  The owners are friendly and helpful, and they love children.  Read our blog "Apple Picking at Leonard's Orchard" HERE.

For a complete list of u-pick farms go HERE.

Applesauce - Canning - What to do in Southern Oregon

Have a Fall Canning Party

What do you do with all of those apples you picked?  Well, I don’t know any better way of preserving the bounty that our awesome Growers and Farmers offer than canning some of that sweet goodness.  If you don’t know how to can, Ball has complete directions on their website here.  If you read my apple picking blog post I have a great, easy recipe on No-Peel Slow-Cooker Applesauce.

Scarecrow Festival - Hanley Farm - Medford - Central Point - What to do in Southern Oregon

Make a Scarecrow for Your Front Yard

We love attending the Scarecrow Festival at Hanley Farm!  The kids have such a blast and it is really affordable for an afternoon of fun.  Read our blog post "Hanley Farm Fall Scarecrow Festival" for all of the details.

We hope you get out to fully enjoy the amazing fall that only Southern Oregon can offer, and we hope this must-do list helps you on your way to getting there.  What do you think we should add to our list?  Comment below, we love hearing how others enjoy Southern Oregon falls!  And don't forget our FREE printable to take along with you.  HAPPY FALL!!