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Bandersnatch - Ashland - What to do in Southern Oregon


Ashland, Oregon  MAP

Kid-Friendly for experienced hiking kids | No Stroller

Moderate to Hard | 3.1 Mile loop | Bathrooms

I would suggest this for kids that hike on a regular basis as there is a lot of uphill! The trail is narrow in spots and be aware to stay on trail as their is poison oak. The trail starts near the parking area of the reservoir in Lithia Park, and heads up Glenview Drive, eventually turning onto Ashland Loop Road. From there you will climb fire road and asphalt, making your way toward the White Rabbit Trail head. From there you will hit the Bandersnatch trail about a mile which will zig zag you up toward the ridge, and then you will bomb back down the "other side" of Bandersnatch, eventually connecting back with Glenview Drive and back to where you started from. 


Grizzly Peak - Ashland Oregon - What to do in Southern Oregon


Ashland, Oregon  MAP

Kid-Friendly | Stroller accessible | Dog-Friendly

Moderate hike | 4.7 mile loop | Bathrooms

This is a great hike for kids because it isn't too long.  If you want to take the loop to the right you the hike up is less intense with a gradual incline.  Of course amazing views at the top and a perfect spot to have a picnic.


Hobart Bluff - Hiking - What to do in Southern Oregon - Travel Southern Oregon


Ashland, Oregon  MAP

Kid-Friendly | Stroller accessible | Dog-friendly

Easy to moderate hike, with some incline | 2.3 mile hike | Restroom

We love this hike for a fairly short hike with a big bang view at the end.  Our kids loved chasing lizards, and building rock sculptures and we felt safe enough to let them wander alone a bit.  Easy hike for littles that are just starting to walk.


View of Applegate Lake

View of Applegate Lake


Jacksonville, Oregon  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY with caution in spots | Stroller friendly

Easy to moderate hike | 4 mile loop | No dogs | No Bathroom

A fairly easy hike there are some spots where there is a steep drop off and where the incline is pretty steep.  It is a four mile loop so if you just want to catch the view of Applegate lake take the trail to the right and about 1/4 mile you can catch a beautiful view otherwise if you go all of the way around you walk through some old  growth forest and you see some wildflowers here and there.



Jacksonville  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller friendly

Easy to moderate hike | 1 Mile | Dogs on leash | No bathroom

Another nice short loop.  This trail is perfect when you just want to get out for a quick hike it's in the center of Jacksonville and only a mile long.

Jacksonville Woodland Trails


Beekman Loop & California trails

Jacksonville  MAP


One of the easiest loops to take kids on it is only a mile to a mile and a half long, even the steep part is for such a short part our two year old had no problem. Perfect for a quick hike on any day, it is on the north side of Jacksonville so it is the closest hike to Medford making it nice and convenient and you get a beautiful view of Jacksonville on the south side of the trail.

Jacksonville Woodland Trails


Jacksonville MAP

Around the Britt Festival Gardens there is a series of sixteen trails that interesect with eachother.  From the easiest, flat trails to steep and stenuous hike there is something for every capability.  

Jacksonville Woodland Trails


Jacksonville  MAP


If you park down below at the designated parking it is a little strenuous up to the trail, but once you get up by the cemetary it is an easy hike.  Another short hike, it's a good little walk. The part the kids liked the most was reading some of the headstones, seeing the history of Jacksonville's families.  We even saw some family names that we know.  Kind of cool.

Jacksonville Woodland Trails

Sterling Mine Ditch - Bear Gulch Trail - Jacksonville - What to do in Southern Oregon


Jacksonville MAP


ROXY ANN - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in Medford - Hiking


Medford  MAP


If you take the road to the top it is a 4 mile loop.  What's nice about this hike is that it is very diverse with trails for the avid hiker or very kid-friendly with the main trail being wide enough so that you can walk/run with a stroller with no problem. There are also, a couple of picnic areas with tables to sit at.  Read our blog about Roxy Ann here.

RAINIE FALLS - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Hiking


Merlin  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY with Caution | No strollers | Dogs on a leash

Moderate | 3.6 Miles out and back | Bathrooms across the bridge

An out and back that takes you on a five-mile roundtrip hike; the path is mostly single-track with quite an incline that gives you views of the Rogue River the whole way.  Our four year old did well but we held her hand much of the way.  An amazing hike with gorgeous waterfalls to see before you even hit the trailhead.

LOST CREEK TRAILS - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in Trail - Hiking


Prospect, Oregon  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller friendly | Bathrooms

One of our favorite hikes with diverse views and trails this a great place to take the family for the day or to camp.  The whole trail that goes around Lost Creek Lake is 18 miles but there are various areas to start for different experience levels.  The best place to start is at Stewart State Park where you can take the kids to explore with you. Complete MAP around the lake.

NATURAL BRIDGE - HIKING - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in Union Creek - Outdoors


Union Creek, Oregon  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller friendly | Bathrooms

A 2.4 mile loop that is really beautiful.  The path is narrow and rocky at times but we did take our jogger stroller up there in case our little hiker needed it.  No huge drop-offs and at the end we hung out by the Rogue River Gorge and ate our picnic lunch.  Of course there are lots of great photo opportunities too.

Natural Bridge

LOWER TABLE ROCK - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in White City - Hiking


White City, Oregon  MAP

KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller friendly | Bathrooms

Lower Table Rock is a 1.75 mile hiking trail with an additional 1 mile trek along the abandoned air strip to the edge of the rock.  Along the way we saw lots of wildflowers and animal life including tiny frogs, lizards and birds.  It is a moderately difficult trail but we took our 2 1/2 year old and 9 year old and they did just fine.  Just pack lots of snacks and water.  Plan on a 3 to 4 hour round trip depending on how fast you go.

UPPER TABLE ROCK - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in White City -- Hiking


White City MAP

KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly | Bathrooms

Upper Table Rock is the shorter of the two Table Rock hikes at 1.25 miles long.  It is pretty easy and only takes about three hours up and back.  We took both of our kids 2 years and 8 year old at the time and they did really well.  We were able to push our jogger up though it was bumpy at times, it made the trip for the 2 year old a little easier., pub-5988673087718730, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0