Every year Jacksonville hosts the Chinese New Year celebration, tying its small town charm in with traditional Chinese culture making for a great fun-filled day of family activities.  We try to make it out to the celebration because it gets better and better each time.   This year it is on Saturday, February 17th, 2018.  

The day starts off at  1030am with our personal favorite, the Chinese New Year Parade.  The parade consists of lots of music, dancing and child friendly entertainment; complete with dancing lions and dragons. Our kids always enjoy watching the show; seeing all of the beautiful, ethnic costumes and different musical instruments, sometimes even participating by dancing to the music.  It is a pretty fast-paced parade so it goes by quickly and the kids don’t get bored.

After the parade we love to walk around downtown looking at all the trinkets at the vendor booths and getting a bite to eat.  One year we stopped into the calligraphy demonstration and were able to get our names written in Chinese and at Scheffel's Toys we bought our own, personal Chinese dragon to take home.  There are also cooking, Kung Fu and Feng shui demonstrations and special talks by local historians in various locations that we always walk away from having learned something new.  And just when the kids are getting antsy we take them to do arts and crafts or to the bounce houses to get out some energy.

1030am - Chinese New Year Lion Dance Parade

11am-2pm - DOC GRIFFIN PARK - "Sit, Stay, SMILE" Doggy Photo Booth.  Get a FREE portrait quality color print on the spot shot by photographer Gracie Mills.


1130am - Chinese Health Practices: Herbs, Foods, Acupressure & Qi Gong

1230pm - Chinese Astrology:  The Year of the Brown Earth Dog


11am - From Oregon to Guangdong: Retracing the Path of Oregon's early Chinese Residents by Chelsea Rose

Noon - Illustrated talk on the history of Jacksonville's Chinese Quarter by Historian Larry Smith

1pm - Traveling with an Assistance Dog


Noon - Chinese Traditional Medicine for Dogs

1pm - Animal Wise - How we know animals think and feel.

2pm - Guest Artist Meet and Greet - Huangchong Alexey Wang


Noon - Reuniting Loved Ones: One Sniff at a Time

1pm - Reuniting Loved Ones:  One Sniff at a Time


10am-3pm - SOCCA Information Center and Souvenir Booth

11am-3pm - Dragon Jump Houses

11am-230pm - Children's Ars & Crafts at 175 S Oregon Street

11am-230pm - Booths at Doc Griffin Park

The whole day is a community tradition that brings us all out to gather, enjoy our beautiful, diverse weather and almost acts as an unofficial beginning to spring.  For more details on the day, head over to the SOCCA website where the full itinerary is. We hope you get to enjoy this enchanting annual tradition and as the Chinese say, "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Jacksonville Chinese New Year Celebration - Year of the Dog - What to do in Southern Oregon
Chinese New Year - Jacksonville Style - Year of the Dog - What to do in Southern Oregon