We love the outdoors and we love sharing the outdoors with our children, but a lot of the hikes around here are not really great for small children.  We have learned the hard way on some so we have done the foot work and compiled a short list of great kid friendly hikes.

BRITT TRAILS - Jacksonville Hiking - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Family-friendly - Kid-friendly - Events Calendar


VERY KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly to a point

You can find these trails kind of all around the outskirts of the actual town.  These trails are great for the kids because it’s not very steep and there are a lot of options to choose from.  There are off shooting trails that take you to views of the beautiful Applegate and sometime you will run across a little piece of history, like old coal mine shafts and maybe even the carcass of an old rusty car.

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For more in formation: Jacksonville Woodland Trails

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VERY KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly

A 3 Mile out and back, but of course you can adjust it to whatever the kids are feeling that day.  We love taking the kids up there because of the nice wide path so our littlest can run around without us worrying too much about her getting too close to the edge.  There are lots of things to look at along the way with a great view of the Rogue Valley and you pass the Prescott Park Challenge Course which our 9 year old always gets a kick out of.  Watch out for mountain bikers coming down and once in a while you will come across a work truck and in the spring occasionally a rattlesnake.  Of course, just keep your eyes open.

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LOWER TABLE ROCK - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Hiking


KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly (a little bumpy but doable)

It can be busy at times, but it is a quite beautiful and not too hard to hike.  Our 2 ½ year old made it almost all the way going up and half way going down.  You can push a jogger up it because the path is not too narrow.  Lots of great trees and you are mostly shaded on your way up.  When you get to the top the view is breathtaking and if you go in the spring, which we highly suggest, you will see lots of wildflowers.

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UPPER TABLE ROCK - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do in Central Point - Hiking


KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly (a little bumpy but doable)

A 3 Mile out and back.  This hike seemed to be a little harder for our littlest but we made the mistake of not bringing snacks.  There was a little steeper climbing towards the top before you hit the plateau but nothing too hard.  Just like lower Table Rock, during the hike you are under cover of trees a lot of the time and you can push your jogger if you want to. 

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VERY KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly

Lithia Park Trails is more of a nature walking tour than a “hike” which makes it perfect for the kids.  Along the way you will run across a rock climbing wall and playground to break up the walk. 

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For a map of the Lithia Park Trails go to:  Lithia Park Trail Guide


KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly to the falls

This hike can be a really short one or up to 3 miles round trip and along the way you are rewarded with a view of the beautiful falls.  If you are inclined you can rock climb a little by bouldering around at Avenue of the Boulders.  Along with the hike you can catch a view of not only Mill Creek Falls but also Barr Falls.  It will be an afternoon full of outdoor adventuring!

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For more information:  Mill Creek Falls Trail Guide

NATURAL BRIDGE - Prospect - What to do in Southern Oregon - Kid-Friendly - Hiking - Family - Things to do


KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly (a little bumpy but doable)

A 2.4 mile loop that is really beautiful.  The path is narrow and rocky at times but we did take our jogger stroller up there in case our little hiker needed it.  No huge drop-offs and at the end we hung out by the Rogue River Gorge and ate our picnic lunch.  Of course there are lots of great photo opportunities too. 

To get there: MAP 

For more information: Natural Bridge

LOST CREEK LAKE TRAIL - Trail, Oregon - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Family-Friendly - Kids - Things to do -


KID-FRIENDLY | Stroller Friendly (a little bumpy in spots but doable)

Lost Creek Lake Trails is an 18 mile trip around the whole lake, but there are many places you can park along the way to enjoy with the kids.  Some of the spots we really appreciate are when you park at Four Corners Camp or Takelma Park.  It’s not too narrow and you will run across beautiful meadows with lot’s or running around space and great spots for picnics.  Lost Creek Lake is generally a great place for family fun, including camping, fishing boating, access to rafting nearby and a bonus McGregor Nature Center.  McGregor Nature Center is a cool little museum of sorts that educates you about our surrounding eco-system.  The kids love it and there are a lot of trails around there too to enjoy.

To get there: MAP

For more on the trail:  Lost Creek Trails

For more on McGregor Park and visitor center:  McGregor Park

Some tips on hiking with kids:

1.  Make sure you have snacks and water with you.  They will last a lot longer if you have something to distract them if they start getting tired or bored. 

2.  To keep them from getting bored bring along a camera for taking their own pictures.  We have used our old cellphones for this exact use.  Both our two year old and nine year old love this.  Plus, it's fun to look at their perspective later and see what catches their eyes.

3.  As with anytime you are outdoors, be aware of your surroundings.  Because you are out in nature you will run across poison oak and  critters (ticks, snakes and such).  We have never personally had to deal with any of these but snakes  will leave you alone as long as you leave them alone.

4.  Have fun!  If it turns into too much of a chore then go back.  We found that our youngest wasn't quite ready for hiking when we first started taking her, that is why it is so nice that we have so many hikes almost right in town, you don't feel like you have wasted a whole day because you had to drive an hour or so to your destination.

We hope this gets you started in enhancing your Southern Oregon life.  Of course we have a lot more hikes in Southern Oregon, so be assured we will be posting another list of kid-friendly hikes soon.  We just have to go out to experience them!  If you are looking for more family fun you can always click over to our pages, Fun for KidsFREE For Families; and if you are looking for Where to Have Birthday Parties  we have a page for that too!!

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