One of our favorite things to do in southern Oregon is to go wine tasting.  I mean who wouldn't love living in an area where literally just a couple of miles away you can feel like you are on an intimate getaway tasting exquisite wines and enjoying delectable bites.  Sometimes on a whim we will just stop into one of our local wineries and get a little taste in, occasionally getting spoiled with some great local music to go along with it.  What's even better is that there are some especially accommodating wineries that are very kid-friendly!  You may ask what makes a winery kid-friendly?  There are a few things that make me comfortable enough to take my kids.  There has to be space for the kids to roam a little.  Some even go so far as having family festivals encouraging us to get out to their property; though we don't solely rely on the wineries to provide entertainment for our children.  We always bring along coloring supplies, small toys, water and snacks for them and they always enjoy themselves as much as we do.  So, here you go.  What to do in Southern Oregon's  picks for 8 Rogue Valley wineries that are especially kid-friendly!

LONGSWORD VINEYARD - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

LONGSWORD VINEYARD in Jacksonville - Longsword has a charming little tasting room but out on the patio is where all of the action is at.  One of our favorites to take the kids to, on any given day you can be out on their patio enjoying the open views and the kids running out in the fields out back and then suddenly a paraglider will come sweeping down from Woodrat  and land in their field behind their winery.  On one occasion during the  Rat Race Paragliding Festival we saw I don't know how many paragliders coming down in the field where Longsword had drawn a bullseye for them to land.  If they landed on it, they received a complimentary bottle of wine.  Longsword had made a whole event out of it with a barbecue going and live music to accompany.  It is always one of our favorite summer events to attend as a family!  

Longsword Vineyard  MAP

ROXY ANN WINERY - Medford - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

ROXYANN WINERY in Medford - Of course Roxy Ann's being in town makes it  one of the easy choices for a last minute wine tasting venture, but the fact that they are kid-friendly makes it even more appealing for us mom's and dad's.  They have a nice big back patio area for you to relax and enjoy your wine and take in the sweeping views of their vineyards and Roxy Ann Peak.  Our kid's like to go bug hunting right outside the patio area.  The owner has a family of his own little one's so they really love to accommodate family time for both parents and children to enjoy together.  

Roxy Ann Winery  MAP

EDENVALE WINERY - Medford - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

EDENVALE WINERY in Medford - A beautiful tasting room surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of pear orchards and grapevines, EdenVale offers an outside patio area that has heaters and that is a perfect space to enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting and nibbles. They even have a playhouse in a grassy area for the kids to run around so that they don’t get bored. During the summer they offer live music on Fridays, that is outside on the patio where the kids can dance and play. Last time my husband and I went there were lots of kids enjoying the music, dancing in front, which encouraged the adults to jump up and join in!  

EdenVale Winery MAP

SCHMIDT FAMILY VINEYARD - Applegate - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

SCHMIDT FAMILY VINEYARDS in Grants Pass - While they do have their beautiful tasting room, their outdoor patio is perfect to spend the afternoon with the family! You can order a wood-fired pizza straight from their outdoor oven and afterwards you can take a nice little stroll around the grounds and watch the ducks swim around in their private pond.  

Schmidt Family Vineyards  MAP

KRISELLE CELLARS - White City - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

KRISELLE CELLARS in White City- Kriselle Cellars is located right on the outskirts of White City by Eagle Point with a gorgeous Napa-esque tasting room you almost feel like you are transported to another place until you walk outside to the gorgeous views that Southern Oregon has to offer. During the week they offer cheese plates and platters, and on Saturdays and Sundays you have to take the kids to enjoy the wide open space outside of their patio and some house made pizza from their wood-fired oven.  They also have lawn games for kids and adults to enjoy with an occassional offering of live music.

Kriselle Cellars  MAP

TROON VINEYARD EASTER - Grants Pass - Applegate - What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

TROON VINEYARD in Grants Pass - Troon is probably one of the most well know wineries in the Rogue Valley.  Their Druid's Fluid is almost everywhere but they have some of my favorite summer sippers like their Vermentino, making it perfect wine to sip as you are watching the kids play back behind the tasting room on their beautiful property.  They also host a lot of great events throughout the year like Easter where they have bounce houses, a balloon man, bubbles, live music and more to keep the whole family occupied.

Troon MAP

DEL RIO VINEYARDS - Gold Hill -- What to do in Southern Oregon - Things to do - Events - Wineries - Kid-Friendly

DEL RIO VINEYARDS in Gold Hill - I just happened to go wine tasting with some of my girlfriends and I had to take Olivia with me.  They have such a beautiful lawn area with a stone stage that Olivia and some little girls had fun pretending that they were performing on.  In fact there were quite a few families enjoying the beautiful spring day there.  Definitely a thumbs up for kid-friendly!

Del Rio Vineyards MAP

What we love the most about southern Oregon wineries is the fact that they aren't pretentious.  From the smallest belly up to the bar tasting room to the huge vaulted ceiling Tuscan style winery, you are always met with a welcome smile and homey southern Oregon charm.  Don't be intimidated about taking your kids to any of them (as long as they are well behaved) you will have memorable, laid back afternoons that you will want to revisit.  

What are some of your favorite wineries that you can take the kids too?  We really want to go tasting in the Umpqua Valley.  Has anyone had experience with them?  

Share your experiences with us so that we can try out some new places next time we go wine tasting!