Kayaking has become a favorite outdoor adventure of ours.  Kayak's are fairly easy to maneuver so that our kids can easily help out with the rowing giving them control that they crave while we explore new places.  We have been to Brookings many times on vacation and we wanted to see it through a new lens so we decided to take the Wildlife Viewing Tour with South Coast Tours,  Last time we kayaked with them in Port Orford we had an awesome time so it was natural for us to reach out to them again for this amazing excursion.

Photo Credit: South Coast Tours

Photo Credit: South Coast Tours

Once again we got lucky with a beautiful, warm, blue sky day!  Our trip started at Brookings Harbor down at the boat ramp where our tour guide Marcus got us geared up in our wetsuits and gave us all of the ins and outs of safety on the kayak.  Olivia tried an oar on for size and decided she didn't want to take the chance of dropping it into the ocean so we took a quick pic and got on with our excursion.

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Gary and Ilias, and Marcus took the lead wending their way around the boat docks.  Along the way Marcus pointed out Black Oystercather's resting on the rocks, floating on the water, and we even caught sight of one diving for fish.

As we headed out to the open ocean Olivia got so excited that she threw her hands up to feel the breeze through them.  Marcus told us to watch out for seals as we got more into the water and sure enough as we rounded the corner they started popping up all over the place.  Olivia's cries of delight was so sweet as she yelled "there's one"  every time one peeked at us.  We even saw one basking in the sun on a nearby rock.  He was a pretty curious guy watching us as we cruised around the harbor.

We cruised around the harbor for a bit catching Harbor Seals peeking at us the whole way and then we headed back to shore.  This is such a cool and different way to see Brookings that we can't wait to go on another trip to see what we can find.

If you want to see Brookings in a whole new way this is one adventure you are goint to want to take on.  South Coast Tours also has excursions in Bandon, Coos Bay, and Crescent City including overnight trips, fishing, and surfing.  Make your reservations HERE.

Kayaking Adventure in Brookings with Kids and South Coast Tours
Kayaking Adventures with Kids in Brookings - What to do in Southern Oregon

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