West Coast Country Music Festival - What to do in Southern Oregon

The West Coast Country Music Festival is coming and we can’t wait to head up to the Green Springs Inn to relax and listen to some awesome classic, throwback country music.  This festival gives you all the good feels while you hangout in its gorgeous mountain setting with our beautiful southern Oregon community.  Last year was our first year attending and we had such a wonderful time we don’t want to miss another show.

When we first got there we scoped out our spot to set our blanket and chairs close enough to the stage so that Olivia and I could plop down and rest from dancing our hearts out.  If you don’t  get there early you will have to find a spot on the side, but we found that it worked great for us since we have kids and they could run around in the close by woods when they weren’t sitting down to enjoy the music.  There is also a kid’s area with a playground and field to play Frisbee among other things to play with when they (and we) needed a break.  Once we got settled, Ilias and Olivia were of course hungry (they are ALWAYS hungry) so we headed up to the hilltop stage area where all of the food trucks and stands were conveniently available.

There is never a lack of variety of food at the festival…take your pick from Smithfield’s nose-to-tail home cooking, Fired Up Food Truck’s tacos and burritos, and new addition this year, Daddy Ramen’s Vietnamese and Korean dishes.  They also offer shaved ice, cookies, and other various treats along with beer on tap to whet your whistle while you listen to local bands and enjoy your grub.

Once we got our bellies full we just sat back and enjoyed the energy of the music.  This festival is all about family, with the little kids leading the way to the dance floor.  It was so much to fun to watch everyone from toddlers to adults and everyone in between, dancing the night away.  As the sun went down, the lights lit up, and the music played on.  It was kind of special to be  where we felt like we were VIP's of the forest, in the middle of nowhere, listening to wonderful musicians play.  As the moon started to rise, we knew that it was time to head home and to bask in the afterglow of another fabulous summer night in southern Oregon. 

West Coast Country Music Festival - Ashland - Green Springs Inn - What to do in Southern Oregon

This year’s West Coast Country Music Festival is Friday and Saturday, August 10th and 11th with a full schedule for the weekend.  Go HERE to get all of the details and go HERE to buy your tickets for this unique southern Oregon experience!

West Coast Country Music Festival - Ashland - Green Springs Inn - What to do in Southern Oregon